Construction timesheets are tables that contain details about the employees’ working hours. It is essential to record these details as the payroll and taxes depend on this. However, having physical timesheets is not feasible for people in the construction industry. A timesheet for contractors should not get affected by dusty environments.
As reducing paperwork has become a motto for several industry professionals, the Timesheet for construction workers is going digital. A construction timesheet app helps in automating calculations based on the workers’ time in and time out.

The efficiency of construction timesheet software
Within the contractor industry, services like Punchclock AI are becoming increasingly popular. What are the benefits they bring?
• Save time
Manually maintain timesheets would mean wasting precious hours of your business time. While there is a more efficient way to calculate working hours, wouldn’t you want to shift? You can use those hours to focus on other serious factors that help in business growth. While the management can concentrate better on higher-level tasks, it is helpful for employees too. They have to log in through face identification or RFID tags – they do not have to waste time by manually entering the details. Chances of entering incorrect information also reduce.

• Real-time data analysis
People at the management level can monitor clock in and clock out times, overtime, leaves, and so on, in real-time. Easily understandable infographics are just a click away. They help both – you and your employees understand how they are paid fairly. The app will automatically calculate holiday pay, tax contribution, overtime rates. It reduces the error margin in calculations.
Apart from these, a device fitted at the site beats physical timesheets for challenging and dusty environments. While saving money and time, apps increase everyone’s productivity – from the field man to the manager. If you are in the construction industry, choose punchclock for environments like yours.