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Our Mission

Our mission is multi-fold and simple:
  1. To help our churches to raise needed funds
  2. To help you find Greek events of interest
  3. To help you find truly good Greek businesses in America & Canada
  4. To find discounts on products and services in the Greek community
What we hope to gain:

  1. This effort has been initiated to help its founder to pay for seminary studies in order to become an ordained priest. Your participation will be a primary aid toward that effort.
  2. Future income from this effort will be directed toward the development of a national charity to help Orthodox Christians and others with housing for the homeless, mentally ill, as a halfway house for recovering addicts and released prisoner rehabilitation, and for the healing of the spiritually ill. We hope that in the end, it will serve to increase the numbers of people living peaceful lives pleasing to the Lord as Orthodox Christians.  
What you can do to help:
  1. Use our resource
  2. Spread the word
  3. Link to our website
  4. Notify us of events
  5. List your events
  6. Advertise your business
  7. Show our advertisers your gratitude for their support of this effort
  8. Donate directly to support our efforts and plans
We thank you for your support of us.